Balochistan Rural Development Society (BRDS)


BRDS is a Balochistan-based non-government and non-profit organization for development. Registered under the Voluntary Social Welfare Agencies Ordinance 1961 in 2005, it aims at mitigating poverty of the poorest of the poor by empowering them socially and economically. Since its inception, BRDS has been proactively involved in the social and economic development of the ultra-poor and vulnerable people in districts of Balochistan with poor indicators and alarmingly lower human development index (HDI).

BRDS employs a range of locally-appropriate and tailor-made strategies to eradicate poverty of the poverty-stricken people on-a-sustainable-basis. They entail, among others, capacity building, training, awareness raising, campaigning, advocacy, as well as service delivery.

By adopting the tool of social mobilization and approach of participatory development, BRDS has been able to increase livelihood opportunities and thereby reduce poverty of the rural communities.

In addition, BRDS plays a pivotal role in the event of a natural calamity and / or disaster. It instigates its emergency and relief operations within 48 hours and extends a helping hand to different humanitarian agencies and the government to contain the losses to the minimal. Being aware of the humanitarian challenges, BRDS attaches great importance to the humanitarian accountability principles (HAP) and replicates them in all its activities and interventions.

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