Board of Directors (BoD)

BRDS is governed by a board of directors. The board is comprised of 14 directors – male and female – who are involved in policy issues of the organization. They appoint chief executive officer of the organization and task him or her with the responsibility of overall management of the organization.


# Name Designation
1 Shazia Noreen President
2 Manzoor Zaman Vice- president
3 Aslam Rind General secretory
4 Mohammad Shafeeq Junior Vice President
5 Najam ul Haq Finance secretory
6 Haji Ishaq Mangal Member
7 Haji Manzoor Member
8 Idrees Kasi Member
9 Javed Durrani Member
10 Tasneem Mughul Member
11 Saddiqa Hazara Member
12 Saima Saleem Member
13 Farzana Raisani Member
14 Mir Haider Shahwani Member