BRDS establishes community groups around productive or entrepreneurial activities where community members identify livelihood needs and opportunities. It supports community institutions in the form of livelihood asset transfers, which are for productive assets targeted at the ultra-poor and poor. It builds linkages with other livelihoods and safety nets programs of government and other actors. It delivers vocational skills and technical trainings and develops micro-enterprise to beneficiaries and identifies and supports innovative micro-enterprises and value-chain development that result in improved and sustainable livelihoods.

Productive Assets Transferred to Create Livelihoods

S. No Type of Assets No. of Assets
1 Agriculture 242
2 Livestock & Poultry 387
3 Grocery Store Items 195
4 Tailoring & Embroidery 45
5 Loader Rickshaw 260
6 Others 216
Total 1,345

Trainings Imparted to Male and Female Beneficiaries

S. No Type of Trainings No. of Beneficiaries
1 Enterprise Development Training 1528
2 Technical & Vocational Skills Training 317
3 Agriculture & Livestock Skills Trainings 864
4 Common Interest Group Members 525
Total 3,234