Social Mobilization


BRDS work begins from social Mobilization skill and tool. BRDS utilize its approach of participatory to organize people in to local organizations known as community organizations. which is best practice for the acceptance and acknowledging work done or to be done  by or for the community development process, specially ensuring participation of all target people (men,women,children,elderly,disable,orphan,victims of natural, men made disasters, and chronically ill persons) specially focus on empowering rural women. BRDS experience staff members men & women perform this job of SM. Community learn the way to identify problems and address  their local issues accordingly. In due process the communities become self initiative.


S.# District UC CO VO LSO Total
1 Sibi Talli 84 16 1 101
2 Sibi Kurak 41 14 1 55
3 Dera Bugti Sham 58 7 1 65
4 Naseerabad 400 400
5 Jafarabad 300 300
6 Kalat 41 41
Total 962