Women Empowerment

BRDS attaches great significance to women’s empowerment. To us, women are at the forefront of the development agenda in the society. It is, therefore, mandatory to empower the women socially, economically, politically, and legally. If not empowered, stable and progressive societies cannot be built, economies cannot be sustained, health and education challenges cannot be addressed, and effective and sustainable development cannot be ensured.

BRDS, therefore, aims through all its sectoral interventions to empower the women. The empowerment of the women, in our projects and programs, takes place through women’s participation and inclusion in decision-making throughout the project cycle. We encourage their involvement, participation, and direct decision-making in project designing, planning, implementation, monitoring, as well as evaluation. In short, they are the primary beneficiaries of our interventions.

Through its multi-sectoral approach, BRDS endeavors to empower the women. The multi-sectoral approach encompasses implementation of the following interventions simultaneously:

  • Social mobilization and institutional development of women for social empowerment
  • Women-centric physical infrastructure development
  • Creation of productive assets for the women for economic empowerment
  • Software and hardware activities in health aimed at improved health of the women
  • Interventions in education field to enable them to become educated and productive

To date, BRDS has been able to ensure that half of its overall beneficiaries, i.e. 50 percent, is women. Though a huge challenge in the context of the province of the Balochistan, we are able to expand our outreach to more women gradually. In brief, women’s empowerment to us is our core value as well as a cross-cutting theme, which is reflective in all our interventions.